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Eclipse, the lightweight IDE

Filed under: code — Zifro November 8, 2006 @ 11:25 pm

Eclipse is light. Here is the top command output on my machine, after running for one day :

load averages: 1.31, 1.36, 1.38 20:17:15
48 processes: 2 running, 44 idle, 1 zombie, 1 on processor
CPU states: 88.8% user, 0.0% nice, 11.1% system, 0.2% interrupt, 0.0% idle
Memory: Real: 310M/491M act/tot Free: 8176K Swap: 38M/256M used/tot
5362 zifro 64 0 244M 205M run - 341:47 54.15% Xorg
27702 zifro 2 0 96M 94M sleep poll 588:48 37.06% firefox-bin
32490 zifro 2 0 2604K 4832K run - 28:44 4.05% xmms
21058 zifro 2 0 429M 22M sleep poll 9:16 0.00% java
5990 zifro 10 0 288K 4K idle wait 0:00 0.00% eclipse
2974 zifro 2 0 5340K 9620K sleep poll 4:49 0.00% xchat
18904 zifro 2 0 13M 17M sleep poll 0:29 0.00% thunderbird-bin
18220 zifro 2 0 2484K 3048K sleep select 0:18 0.00% fluxbox
650 zifro 2 0 20M 21M sleep select 0:07 0.00% ruby

See ?
JAVA is bloated, not Eclipse :-D
But I started using it with RADRails under Windows, and I like it. When I stopped travelling in Europe and got another job, I had to give back the laptop I used to work on, so I migrate my development tools under my good ol’ OpenBSD workstation at home.
I spent hours compiling Java, installed the Eclipse package, added the Ruby Development Tools plugin and finally the RADRails plugin, in order to enjoy the same environment again.

Before Eclipse, I was a long time SciTE fan, opening many windows and terminals, to edit my source files and run the scripts needed.
And in older times (back when I was a Linux newbie, which I’m not any longer, since I’ve been an OpenBSD newbie for four years now), I used gvim.

Based on my following requirements :

  • syntax coloration for many languages/frameworks (C, Perl, Ruby, Rails, …)
  • panel for directory listing
  • panel for class/code analysis (like Eclipse’s Outline)

what would you advise me to use now ?

Two days (and few hours) to go

Filed under: work — Zifro November 7, 2006 @ 9:16 pm

The countdown has started for weeks.

On Friday, I’ll have the second round of the job interviews session with Teamlog. I gonna meet their social/human resources manager, and (that’s new) I’ll also be introduced to their clients, for who I might work, if I’m the right man.

I must confess I think a lot about it, as “most of the interviews will be done in English”. It’s not my native language ; it might be hard to have a two hours discussion with them.

I don’t get the point

Filed under: f*cking life, countdown to civil war — Zifro November 1, 2006 @ 7:48 am

Please explain me, if you know, why I got woken up at 4 o’clock, by around fifteen young arabs, 10 to 14 years old looking, wandering in the streets, shouting “we’re messing your life, ahahahaha ! we’re fucking your night, ahahahaha ! but we’re French !”.

Of course they are French, I didn’t doubt on that. But what’s the purpose of bothering people so late (or early) ? What do their parents do to educate them ? What the hell do 14 years old boys do in the streets at 4 am ?

Is it the premise of another riots, like a year ago ?
Damn, it might be THEIR way to party for Halloween !

Oh, of course, you shouldn’t pay attention to what I write about arabs, since I have a French flag in my flat, which categorizes me as “nationalist”, so by extension “racist”, and not “patriot”…

OpenBSD 4.0

Filed under: *BSD — Zifro @ 1:54 am

Well, as every six months, the OpenBSD team releases a new version of their operating system. It is known to be (one of) the most secure and reliable operating systems avalaible, mainly used in servers (but some folks might want to run it as their desktop, day-to-day system).

The 4.0 version, programmed for November 1st, has a lot of improvements, and a new packaging : the CD case is like a DVD one now.

Beside that, I don’t understand why they don’t get sued by the owner of “Astérix & Obélix” , Albert René Editions, as the OpenBSD 4.0 artwork looks like it. Weird.

As usual, you can order a CD set and/or make a donation to the project.

Job interviews

Filed under: work — Zifro October 27, 2006 @ 10:50 pm

Do you remember I went to Grenoble to have a job interview with one of Teamlog agency director ?

As she told me, I was phoned by their human ressource manager, on Monday afternoon, to set up a new interview.

So i’ll be in Grenoble on Friday, November 10th. Let me know if you’re in the area, we could go for a drink somewhere at the end of the afternoon.
I’ll be in Lyon to visit Ruby France members the evening, after what I’ll immediately come back home, as my CNAM courses have^W might have started on Saturday morning.
On the other hand, someone I’ll meet at Paris on Rails offered me to talk about my job search…
wait & see…


Filed under: misc — Zifro @ 10:32 pm

My Livebox still lives.

What’s a Livebox ?
It’s basically an ADSL modem, a router and a pretty web interface packed together in a plastic box. Many ISPs offer to lend their customers “their” “box”, which, depending on where you live and which connection you choose, also let you phone (for very cheap or even free) and watch TV. Those are called “triple-play boxes”.
The Livebox is the triple-play box of Orange, a major (and historically the oldest) Internet services provider in France.

Two weeks ago, after many powercuts due to my fight with the coffee machine in the kitchen, my Livebox lost her firmware. I was glad to be able to phone my ISP technical support, at half past midnight, so the extra money spent in this ISP services are worth, and get the information needed : how to flash the Livebox to put back the firmware. Of course the call was longer than expected, because the tech wanted to know the brand of my computer O_o and the operating system I ran. I tried to explain that OpenBSD was like Linux (please, readers, don’t hurt me for having said that) and, after waiting for some time, I finally got him explain me what was wrong and how I could fix it under Windows, the day after, at work.

First part ends here.

So I flashed the Livebox with the firmware I had on the ISP CD-ROM and brought it back home.

At first connection, the Livebox updated her firmware, then I hit the “update firmware” again, to be sure to get the latest one. Finally it was running the latest and orangish-coloured Web interface (as opposed to the previous gray, green, red and blue old one, when the company was named Wanadoo).

And since then, I could hardly use the IP phone : the service was either down or avalaible until I dial a number. So I called back the technical support, explained what happened and got an exchange number (the Livebox is their property, not mine, which is useful when it’s broken :-) ).

I was worried, because there are two brands of Liveboxes : Inventel and Sagem ones. I have an Inventel, which are said to be more reliable, which I like much for the ease of use, the clean and understandable interface and so on.. the Sagem Liveboxes are the worst routers I’ve ever seen.


I can tell because my mother has one, and guess who configured it ? You can’t change the Livebox IP address on the LAN, you have unuseful and weird menus… to be polite, I stop here. Just say it’s like WinDEV.

Second part ends here.

As I didn’t want to exchange my Inventel for a Sagem, I wait for a week, being able to phone from time to time, missed the opportunity to get the new one on Saturday.

It was worth waiting, the Livebox updated its firmware two nights ago, and now the IP phone works perfectly :-)

Really, it’s a relief not to have to exchange it. i love my Inventel Livebox :-)

Firefox 2.0

Filed under: misc — Zifro October 24, 2006 @ 12:12 am

Like, I guess, thousands of bloggers, here I write about the all new, all shiny, all free (both as in “freedom” and in “free beer”) Firefox 2.0.

Tristant NITOT presented all the new features of this second major release at the JDLL.
Sexy (the features !).

As the official announcement will only be made in few hours (it’s 5 minutes before midnight here in France), the 2.0 version is already avalaible, according to various sites and (best source) Mozilla public ftp server.

Of course, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 will be avalaible soon (if not already), but, after trying for some months both Firefox 2.0 (release candidates) and Internet Explorer (beta 2), the latter is not even equal to Firefox 1.x series.

Get your copy… if you can :
[zifro@september ~]ftp
Connected to
421 There are too many connected users, please try later.

Welcome to the girls

Filed under: geek, girls — Zifro October 20, 2006 @ 2:19 am

Ouch. 00:53 am.

I’ve just finished writing our last French speaking Ruby users, Ruby France, e-gathering, during which we dealt with… administrativia.
It wasn’t long, but I’m not very productive when I spend the evening watching Prison Break and chatting on IRC.
Anyway, we’re on our way to building a strong Ruby community in France (by the way, we need a logo, so, if you’re a graphist, feel free to contact me (zifro@ this site) to show me something ; in my idea, and hexagonal Ruby will be perfect, as France is also called the Hexagon).

I wrote I was at the JDLL last week-end.
It’s time to point at a stand I particularly liked : LinuxChixFrance (who claimed to be also grep|grrl too).
It’s a group of women, willing to see more girls involved in the open source community (like Debian Woman, Gnome Women). They were explaining to every each guy coming to their stand what goals they target, and were selling very, very nice A3 (European size, more than twice the US Letter size) posters, which you can see there.

As most of this blog readers are not French reading ones, here is the translation of the texts of the posters, from left to right :

1. I code, You code, She codes, We code, You code, They (women) code

2. One can love to take care of animals without even dreaming of becoming a vet.
3. This woman uses Free Software. It makes her : [ ] sexy [ ] independant

4. This womand hates mouses. She prefers command line interfaces.

I was well-dressed (I wore a suit and a clean shirt) so I suppose the girl (zopeuse ?) thought I wasn’t a techie (but I may be absolutely wrong…) and explained me more precisely what LinuxChixFrance wanted.

To support them, I bought five of each posters they were selling, plus a small Tux pendant (I bought a pink one, I think I’ll offer it to my sister). The girl didn’t believed it at once, then she was truly happy to see someone would spread their message by pasting and/or distributing posters.

The fact is there aren’t enough girls in FLOSS (Anne Ostergaard made a neat conference about “Women in Free Software - Findings from the FLOSSPOLS report on gender 2006″ while she was at the 2006 RMLL). All that those girls say are sadly the truth : from kindergarten (toys play an important role in mind development, and girls are given dolls while boys are playing with construction games, tools and stuff) to university, girls are more or less forced to other ways than computing.
So whatever we could do will be a first step to welcoming more girls in our community.

I’m waiting for the first girl to join Ruby France :)

Dream (again)

Filed under: WTH is this post uncategorized ?, misc — Zifro @ 1:56 am

It looks like I’ve always an American girl in my dreams.

Last night I dreamed of Amy Davidson (!), which I knew from the TV series “8 Simple Rules…” (“Touche Pas A Mes Filles” in France) ; a strange dream of course. I was living in a huge shed, just using a small area (and I was considering parking my car inside, at the opposite side). In my dream I met the girl, we got friends, and as she was to leave France, I managed to get in the US, where she gave me a fake passport, without a visa.

When I write I make weird dreams from time to time…

(By the way, reading page about the series, I learnt there is no season 4. It is over. It gonna ruin my week-end :-\ I loved it)

Let’s communicate

Filed under: code — Zifro October 16, 2006 @ 9:57 pm

Modular, distributed, pluggable, extendable.
Today applications are more communicating than ever. They offer to exchange data internally (modules, plugins) or externally (distributed computing, communication with other programs).

More than a fashion, developers now tend to make their application comunicate (who never yelled because he or she  couldn’t work with a good app just because it wasn’t opened to the world ?).

fredix works on Gtk signals to perform actions in his killer-app, Geekast, a gnome interface to Peercast.
jd and guiguilinux are starting a new implementation of dbus, a library aiming at making applications communicate.
And I’m working on a modular framework, as written here before :)

The result ?

We’ll soon or later provide frameworks, documentation and howto for the community !

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