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WinDEV sucks (again)

Filed under: work, WinDEV, code — Zifro May 22, 2006 @ 1:00 pm

Yes, it sucks. I played a bit with its Object-Oriented features… damn ! You can’t test the class the objects belong to (typevar returns wlInstance and nothing more) , you can’t create objects and send them to a method (you must tie them to a var)…

You don’t use ::Creator, but var = gimme a (yes !).

Sorry, PC Soft guys, this is not what I call OOP.
Well, maybe it’ll be fixed in WinDEV 30, but it depresses me a lot to work with that.

Becoming annoying

Filed under: friends, healthy life — Zifro @ 9:50 am

This morning, I told a friend of mine I had taken “good” decisions : no more cigarettes (or anything else…), no more alcohol, no more driving fast, no more unhealty eating…

What did he say ? “You gonna have an annoying life…”

And he’s right :-(

What happens when you’ve just washed your car ?

Filed under: cars — Zifro May 18, 2006 @ 11:52 am

Of course it rains.

WinDEV sucks (and I’ll proof that)

Filed under: WinDEV, code — Zifro @ 9:21 am

At work I use an IDE called WinDEV, that aims at making development painless. But it sucks. Really.  The language has no pointers, no lists, no dynamic arrays, hash-like structures only return string elements, and, more icing on the cake, some of the built-in functions and procedures make the developper (me) go mad.

Imagine : I wanted to list the files contained in a directory, and then attach them to an email. Quite simple hu ?
No :-)

The function fListeFichiers returns the number of files in a directory. It takes three parameters : the files mask (like “C:\MyApp\SubDirectory\*.pdf”), a string containing the name of the procedure which will be called for each file found (and which has a particular signature, something like “path, filename, pointer”), and, a pointer that will be given to the procedure mentionned above.

Doesn’t that sound nice ? Even if WinDEV help doesn’t know what a pointer is… I wish I could use Ruby (my current favourite language) to write something clear like :

foreach Dir[*\.pdf] { |f| email.attach(f) }

*sigh* WinDEV makes me love Ruby, Perl, and all those real languages. I think I gonna like C more from now.

Ruby & Hyperfile (WinDEV database files)

Filed under: WinDEV, code, Ruby — Zifro May 17, 2006 @ 1:54 pm

Anyone who would know how to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) WinDEV Hyperfiles from Ruby is welcome to teach me.

* Zifro sits and waits

Playing with a mobile camera

Filed under: work, *BSD — Zifro May 16, 2006 @ 1:21 pm

A colleague played with his Sony mobile camera. Jérôme and I were straight in the shot.


It looks like we’ve just signed a contract to put OpenBSD on all our customers computers.

(it looks like I’m just dreaming…)

Do you have money ?

Filed under: geek, toys — Zifro @ 10:00 am

I received the bill for the screens… it’s time to pay now :-(

EDIT on 2006/08/07 : it’s paid.