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Free deleted the WP_COMMENTS table && (true) last post

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here it is, the very last post on this blog. I don’t feel neither sad nor happy. It’s just like it appears : made out of necessity.

I’ve been thinking about stopping blogging for some time. There was a week or two I was very active, but as I don’t code as much as before at home, and I don’t like to (nor am I authorized to…) write about my work, the posts content were slightly different than before. Lesser IT or geeky posts, more ones.
And since I talk about my life about the ones who care to me (relatives and close friends), it’s no use to relate it here too. Right, no ?

So, I was thinking about it. Free made me do it.
This blog uses WordPress, and it receives some spam. But this spam resides in the comments table, and doesn’t appear on the blog, since I wipe them on a regular basis. Anyone can register, but it requires to have a first comment approved to then bypass this step.
Free decided there was too much spam. They deleted the comments table, desactivated this space and the related FTP account. I clicked on the “re-activate all the stuff” link and waited for 24 hours to have everything work again.
Note that this is the first warning. For the second warning, it takes 72 hours to re-activate your personal space. There’s no third warning, but a complete and definitive account deletion.

So I collected everything I could before writing this post. and are going to move to the Bricabox (hosted by my friend pouype. The first will host some pages and pictures about what the Hazzard community was, its members, the IRC parties we made. The second will relate why this blog closes, what Free made, and it will invite you to visit the nice blogs I read.

I might end up saving all these posts by moving them into a new blog (Typo ?). For the moment, you can keep on reading ; I’ll update this last post with whatever you’d need to keep access to the information this blog contains.


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Hello dear reader ; as promised, here I am, back ;-)

I don’t know if you liked 2007, but it has been a wonderful year for me.

During the first six months, I kept on working for the same employer, daily dealing with WinDEV projects, being put under pressure with little if no future.
I had been in touch with Teamlog for some time, but even if the job they were offering was very interesting (Ruby on Rails development, in an eXtreme Programming environment), we couldn’t agree on a (decent, in my opinion) salary.

Then, in early June, I was phoned by an English company offering me a freelance job in Luxembourg, and by a Luxembourg based one the day after.
Things went on quickly, and after having met the client, I quitted the job I had in the South of France to settle in the North-East, next to the France-Luxembourg frontier.

It’s been seven months I have started my new life here, and I must admit I don’t regret this change, not even a little.
I am a consultant for a services provider company, and I’m working for a bank, as a Ruby and Ruby on Rails expert. My employer provides me with an ADSL connection to the Internet and a car (an average one, but it goes as far as it’s asked for). My teammates are friendly, the job is interesting, and I’m better paid : nice :)

I’ve also speak at three events (Amiens’ RMLL, Lyon’s JDLL, and Paris on Rails) and was elected President of the French Ruby Users association, Ruby France.

So, what’s next for 2008 ?
I think I’m going to keep on studying, studying, studying, working, working and working.

Studying because I still want to get a computing & network master.
Studying because I want to get back into JAVA coding.
Studying because I’d like to take a closer look at Erlang.
Working because it’s what pays the bills :)
Working because Ruby France needs to evolve, and it requires some work.
Working because I’d like to open as soon as it is ready ; I also have many projects ideas to work on.

Have a good time on this weblog :D

Last post

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Yes, it’s my last post (’till further days, when I’ll set up something new, with lesser blog entries and more projects pages).

I think I’ll stick to have an healthier life in 2007, and closing this blog is part of the top things to do.

In fact, the first reason is my lack of motivation ; I would have much to relate here, like my last week-end in Paris, the test of a TV card under OpenBSD, my troubles with Xorg, why my next box is to be an Apple one, and so on… but I haven’t taken even 10 minutes lately to write a post.

Second, I have the worst difficulties to reach Free homepages : I often get a 500 Internal Server Error… bad luck :-\

Anyway, I’ll try to do more Ruby and IT-related stuff in 2007, without having it be such a big part of my life, study harder, work better, read, write, play music, and so on.

PS : Happy new year !

Because it’s a very good idea

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The world-known FreeBSDGirl has an idea which I love : the “FreeBSDGirl Christmas Card”.

So, I’d like to propose you the same thing : send me an email (zifro@) by December 10th with the subject “A Christmas card, please”. Add your address info, and I promise you to send a Christmas card quickly.

Really, I think it’s a good idea. I’m waiting for your mail !

Job interview. Yay!

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Do you remember I was contacted by Teamlog, an IT service provider ?
After a 27 minutes phone interview, I sent them a modified version of my resume, based on their model, and wait for another technical call. I was still waiting until yesterday afternoon.

The recruiter phoned me back, apologized for things not going right with their new recruitment process (I also told her I was busy a lot, and didn’t try to contact the tech again) and speaking of a possible meeting, I offered to come to Grenoble, as I would already be in the area on Friday and Saturday (I’m going to the JDLL where I’ll meet fredix and pouype).

So we planned an interview on Friday afternoon, 2:00 pm.

Wish me luck !

Note # 1 : I wanted to write this early this morning, but the coffee machine made a short cut, and I thought it was the electrical provider’s fault (they cut the power yesterday afternoon to replace a 20 KVA equipment in street I live in) so I didn’t check the circuit-breaker until I noticed there was light in the building stairs.
Too lame… I know :-\

Note #2 : I wore my suit this morning, because I wanted to know if I was fit enough to dress it again. Girls loved it. One of the directors was fully impressed (of course, my hair were clean and I shaved my two-days beard).

Sunday riding

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I wasn’t fair in my last post : I did something interesting on Sunday.

I went to to my father’s to help my sister with a USB key problem (which was easy to solve, I just had to install the driver by hand, like real men do). After lunch, I jumped on my motorbike (a light one, a 1998 Honda CRM125R) and enjoy a nice ride in the country.

So, at least, I did something interesting :)

One week

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It’s one week I haven’t updated my blog. Sorry -_-

First, I’m still alive.

Second, I went to the haidresser and shaved my beard, so that I don’t look like this any longer like that (okay, the sunglasses add a bit to the guru/scary effect).

Third, I had much work at the office, related to the project I more or less described here. It will soon be used by one of our stores. I hope it will work :)
Finally, I started working again the evening on YAIB , splitting it into three parts as I may have written here : the micro-kernel, the IRC library and the bot itself.

It’s the best Friday of the year. Did you pre-order ?

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Really, I have the feeling it will be a nice Friday. I even wonder why it wasn’t in pre-order items list.

It rained last night (even in my flat, because I was listening to music very loud through the headphones and didn’t notice the water coming in…), and the sun rose this morning in the blue, blue, blue, sky.

There is a weekly car meeting my sister and I often go to on Friday night. I just hope having slept four hours won’t lead me to madness today.

Any other good plans to end the week with a party ? Tell me !

BTW, a link worth visiting (requires Flash however…)

Becoming annoying

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This morning, I told a friend of mine I had taken “good” decisions : no more cigarettes (or anything else…), no more alcohol, no more driving fast, no more unhealty eating…

What did he say ? “You gonna have an annoying life…”

And he’s right :-(