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Eclipse, the lightweight IDE

Filed under: code — Zifro November 8, 2006 @ 11:25 pm

Eclipse is light. Here is the top command output on my machine, after running for one day :

load averages: 1.31, 1.36, 1.38 20:17:15
48 processes: 2 running, 44 idle, 1 zombie, 1 on processor
CPU states: 88.8% user, 0.0% nice, 11.1% system, 0.2% interrupt, 0.0% idle
Memory: Real: 310M/491M act/tot Free: 8176K Swap: 38M/256M used/tot
5362 zifro 64 0 244M 205M run - 341:47 54.15% Xorg
27702 zifro 2 0 96M 94M sleep poll 588:48 37.06% firefox-bin
32490 zifro 2 0 2604K 4832K run - 28:44 4.05% xmms
21058 zifro 2 0 429M 22M sleep poll 9:16 0.00% java
5990 zifro 10 0 288K 4K idle wait 0:00 0.00% eclipse
2974 zifro 2 0 5340K 9620K sleep poll 4:49 0.00% xchat
18904 zifro 2 0 13M 17M sleep poll 0:29 0.00% thunderbird-bin
18220 zifro 2 0 2484K 3048K sleep select 0:18 0.00% fluxbox
650 zifro 2 0 20M 21M sleep select 0:07 0.00% ruby

See ?
JAVA is bloated, not Eclipse :-D
But I started using it with RADRails under Windows, and I like it. When I stopped travelling in Europe and got another job, I had to give back the laptop I used to work on, so I migrate my development tools under my good ol’ OpenBSD workstation at home.
I spent hours compiling Java, installed the Eclipse package, added the Ruby Development Tools plugin and finally the RADRails plugin, in order to enjoy the same environment again.

Before Eclipse, I was a long time SciTE fan, opening many windows and terminals, to edit my source files and run the scripts needed.
And in older times (back when I was a Linux newbie, which I’m not any longer, since I’ve been an OpenBSD newbie for four years now), I used gvim.

Based on my following requirements :

  • syntax coloration for many languages/frameworks (C, Perl, Ruby, Rails, …)
  • panel for directory listing
  • panel for class/code analysis (like Eclipse’s Outline)

what would you advise me to use now ?

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