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Job interview. Yay!

Filed under: work, healthy life — Zifro October 11, 2006 @ 1:14 pm

Do you remember I was contacted by Teamlog, an IT service provider ?
After a 27 minutes phone interview, I sent them a modified version of my resume, based on their model, and wait for another technical call. I was still waiting until yesterday afternoon.

The recruiter phoned me back, apologized for things not going right with their new recruitment process (I also told her I was busy a lot, and didn’t try to contact the tech again) and speaking of a possible meeting, I offered to come to Grenoble, as I would already be in the area on Friday and Saturday (I’m going to the JDLL where I’ll meet fredix and pouype).

So we planned an interview on Friday afternoon, 2:00 pm.

Wish me luck !

Note # 1 : I wanted to write this early this morning, but the coffee machine made a short cut, and I thought it was the electrical provider’s fault (they cut the power yesterday afternoon to replace a 20 KVA equipment in street I live in) so I didn’t check the circuit-breaker until I noticed there was light in the building stairs.
Too lame… I know :-\

Note #2 : I wore my suit this morning, because I wanted to know if I was fit enough to dress it again. Girls loved it. One of the directors was fully impressed (of course, my hair were clean and I shaved my two-days beard).

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