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You Can’t Drink Just Six

Filed under: meta — Zifro February 1, 2008 @ 1:11 pm

Slusho! is a refreshing japanese drink.
Browse the website, listen to the cool music, even take a look at their store, where you can get fun tshirts and caps.
If you look at the distribution opportunities (because Slusho! isn’t available yet in your place), you’ll notice you can send an email to a address.

Heading to the Tagruato Corporation website (choose English in the dropdown listbox, others don’t seem to work), it appears that the Slusho! inventors have founded a mother company which the refreshing drink is only a subsidiary.
On the headlines page, one can read a problem occurred at the Chuai Station. The Chuai Station, one of the company’s fourteen deep sea drilling stations, is located in the Northern Atlantic ocean, not so far from the Big Apple, where Tagruato head Ganu Yoshida is promoting the Slusho! drink.

Now, just know that I was speaking of a movie I’m hardly waiting for :)
Clue : it was out on 01-18-08 in the USA, and will come on 02-06-08 in Europe.