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Firefox 2.0

Filed under: misc — Zifro October 24, 2006 @ 12:12 am

Like, I guess, thousands of bloggers, here I write about the all new, all shiny, all free (both as in “freedom” and in “free beer”) Firefox 2.0.

Tristant NITOT presented all the new features of this second major release at the JDLL.
Sexy (the features !).

As the official announcement will only be made in few hours (it’s 5 minutes before midnight here in France), the 2.0 version is already avalaible, according to various sites and (best source) Mozilla public ftp server.

Of course, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 will be avalaible soon (if not already), but, after trying for some months both Firefox 2.0 (release candidates) and Internet Explorer (beta 2), the latter is not even equal to Firefox 1.x series.

Get your copy… if you can :
[zifro@september ~]ftp
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