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Let’s communicate

Filed under: code — Zifro October 16, 2006 @ 9:57 pm

Modular, distributed, pluggable, extendable.
Today applications are more communicating than ever. They offer to exchange data internally (modules, plugins) or externally (distributed computing, communication with other programs).

More than a fashion, developers now tend to make their application comunicate (who never yelled because he or she  couldn’t work with a good app just because it wasn’t opened to the world ?).

fredix works on Gtk signals to perform actions in his killer-app, Geekast, a gnome interface to Peercast.
jd and guiguilinux are starting a new implementation of dbus, a library aiming at making applications communicate.
And I’m working on a modular framework, as written here before :)

The result ?

We’ll soon or later provide frameworks, documentation and howto for the community !

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