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Free deleted the WP_COMMENTS table && (true) last post

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here it is, the very last post on this blog. I don’t feel neither sad nor happy. It’s just like it appears : made out of necessity.

I’ve been thinking about stopping blogging for some time. There was a week or two I was very active, but as I don’t code as much as before at home, and I don’t like to (nor am I authorized to…) write about my work, the posts content were slightly different than before. Lesser IT or geeky posts, more ones.
And since I talk about my life about the ones who care to me (relatives and close friends), it’s no use to relate it here too. Right, no ?

So, I was thinking about it. Free made me do it.
This blog uses WordPress, and it receives some spam. But this spam resides in the comments table, and doesn’t appear on the blog, since I wipe them on a regular basis. Anyone can register, but it requires to have a first comment approved to then bypass this step.
Free decided there was too much spam. They deleted the comments table, desactivated this space and the related FTP account. I clicked on the “re-activate all the stuff” link and waited for 24 hours to have everything work again.
Note that this is the first warning. For the second warning, it takes 72 hours to re-activate your personal space. There’s no third warning, but a complete and definitive account deletion.

So I collected everything I could before writing this post. and are going to move to the Bricabox (hosted by my friend pouype. The first will host some pages and pictures about what the Hazzard community was, its members, the IRC parties we made. The second will relate why this blog closes, what Free made, and it will invite you to visit the nice blogs I read.

I might end up saving all these posts by moving them into a new blog (Typo ?). For the moment, you can keep on reading ; I’ll update this last post with whatever you’d need to keep access to the information this blog contains.

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