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Quitting Google services, one after the other

Filed under: 2007 — Zifro February 3, 2008 @ 2:30 pm

During 2007, I closed my Google account. I deleted the messages stored in my email service (although Google retains the right to keep them even if I do so) and then hit the magical link.
Because the Google account opens the door to all their services, such as Agenda, Documents, Groups or Orkut, I stopped using all of these as well.

The connection between all these services is really cool, but if you want to share something (your agenda, for example), it still requires a Google account (which you can create with the email address you like).
To use the Google Groups, you don’t need such an account, since someone can add you to one, but to modify your settings, you need to subscribe.

Today, I’m still chained to Google, as RubyFrance email service is hosted by the Moutain View company. The mailing lists were also moved to Google Groups, and, as I’m to manage them, I had to create an account.

Of course, one could argue that I’m not fair, and that would be right. Google services and products are nice, fully usable and even pleasant. But I don’t want this company to hold so much data about me.
Paranoïd ? No :)

This morning, I cleaned my RubyFrance agenda, because I didn’t get the point to keep up-to-date three agendas (iCal, Exchange and Google ones) and looked for how to desactivate it. Without luck. So from now I just drop it.

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