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ZFR teaser #3

Filed under: nextgen — Zifro January 31, 2008 @ 9:50 pm

ZFR (codename and shorter name for Zlab.FR), my next website, features a new teaser from now.

To be honest, those teasers aren’t ones. They’re just either pictures or texts, but they don’t serve neither teasing the visitor nor pimping the website. Those are just… well, thingies just to be allowed to say I update ZFR before setting up something.

I’d like ZFR to be a place for me and for you. For me because it will host my digital identity (instead of having it spread over the Web, on social networks, photo sharing websites, communities…), and will be where I’ll put my projects. For you because it will be what I wrote.

Stay tuned.

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