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Hello dear reader ; as promised, here I am, back ;-)

I don’t know if you liked 2007, but it has been a wonderful year for me.

During the first six months, I kept on working for the same employer, daily dealing with WinDEV projects, being put under pressure with little if no future.
I had been in touch with Teamlog for some time, but even if the job they were offering was very interesting (Ruby on Rails development, in an eXtreme Programming environment), we couldn’t agree on a (decent, in my opinion) salary.

Then, in early June, I was phoned by an English company offering me a freelance job in Luxembourg, and by a Luxembourg based one the day after.
Things went on quickly, and after having met the client, I quitted the job I had in the South of France to settle in the North-East, next to the France-Luxembourg frontier.

It’s been seven months I have started my new life here, and I must admit I don’t regret this change, not even a little.
I am a consultant for a services provider company, and I’m working for a bank, as a Ruby and Ruby on Rails expert. My employer provides me with an ADSL connection to the Internet and a car (an average one, but it goes as far as it’s asked for). My teammates are friendly, the job is interesting, and I’m better paid : nice :)

I’ve also speak at three events (Amiens’ RMLL, Lyon’s JDLL, and Paris on Rails) and was elected President of the French Ruby Users association, Ruby France.

So, what’s next for 2008 ?
I think I’m going to keep on studying, studying, studying, working, working and working.

Studying because I still want to get a computing & network master.
Studying because I want to get back into JAVA coding.
Studying because I’d like to take a closer look at Erlang.
Working because it’s what pays the bills :)
Working because Ruby France needs to evolve, and it requires some work.
Working because I’d like to open as soon as it is ready ; I also have many projects ideas to work on.

Have a good time on this weblog :D

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