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Filed under: healthy life — Zifro January 2, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

Yes, it’s my last post (’till further days, when I’ll set up something new, with lesser blog entries and more projects pages).

I think I’ll stick to have an healthier life in 2007, and closing this blog is part of the top things to do.

In fact, the first reason is my lack of motivation ; I would have much to relate here, like my last week-end in Paris, the test of a TV card under OpenBSD, my troubles with Xorg, why my next box is to be an Apple one, and so on… but I haven’t taken even 10 minutes lately to write a post.

Second, I have the worst difficulties to reach Free homepages : I often get a 500 Internal Server Error… bad luck :-\

Anyway, I’ll try to do more Ruby and IT-related stuff in 2007, without having it be such a big part of my life, study harder, work better, read, write, play music, and so on.

PS : Happy new year !

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