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How to save (a lot of) money.

Filed under: geek — Zifro November 27, 2006 @ 1:58 am

For the last two months, I’ve been more and more thinking about buying an Apple computer.

I first fell in love with the Mac Book Pro, the 17 inches one, of course. It featiures nearly everything someone would love to have. But at EUR 3.100 (USD 4,080) with an external TV card, I quicky admitted I couldn’t afford it. Sigh.
Then I considered getting either a Mac Book or a Mac mini. Both are way cheaper than the premium Mac Book Pro : about EUR 1.498 (USD 1,970) for the first and EUR 1.059 (USD 1,400) for the latter. They aren’t fully loaded like the Pro, but they’re still quite interesting.

If I choose a Mac Book, it’s also to have a small and light laptop when travelling, and to really feel at home, I would gladly add a 23 inches Apple Cinema Display (maybe inspired by the commercial featuring 37signalsJason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson) And then it costs a lil’ more : EUR 2.650 (USD 3,490).

As I realized I’m not that often travelling, buying a laptop may not be the best idea. Moreover, it would cost me a big Apple screen, as it wouldn’t handle my current three screens display.
So I thought of affording a Mac mini, plugged to one of my screens, and using Synergy to switch from OpenBSD to Mac OS X just with one single keyboard/mouse set.

Anyway, I like my OpenBSD workstation, with fluxbox, and I’ll keep it for a long time before chaging for an Apple computer (even if they’re very attractive).
Okay, to fulfill my dreams, here is what I would order :

For… about EUR 5.300 (USD 7,000). Insane hu ? :)

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