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Friday was a good day

Filed under: work, friends, Ruby — Zifro November 14, 2006 @ 9:35 pm

Last Friday was a very good day.

I had a job interview with Teamlog’s human & social resource manager, had lunch with the local agency director, who interviewed me a month or so before, and then meet their client, who might hire a Ruby on Rails (and some other skills) developer.
Their company, which I won’t name here, is really amazing : they deal with cool technologies, in a nice environment, use eXtreme Programming, and, best of all : they develop software with Ruby, my favourite programming language.
I think the (four !) interviews with them went fine… I’m looking forward hearing some good news… I hope :)

Afterwhat, I headed to Lyon and parked at fredix‘ home. We waited for alex and jsh to arrive, and then got to the Pizza Hut. We spent a very nice evening, ate more or less gigantic pizzas, and discussed some points of our beloved association, Ruby France.

Finally, I drove alex back home and got on my own way, to arrive at 2 am… quite a looooong day.

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