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It’s always when you don’t expect it that it happens

Filed under: work — Zifro September 25, 2006 @ 3:02 pm

You may have been told unenumerable times : don’t try to get something, just wait for it to happen or come to you.

Okay, you may have been told that about girls (or boys). It seems to be the same for job opportunities.

fredix, the President of our beloved Ruby France association (yes, there are many French Ruby users), was contacted by a recruiter whovia the website For various reasons, he didn’t want to go further with that company, and then, via GTalk offer me to tell us about me.

So, Teamlog’s recruiter phoned me, for about half an hour (she had a so charming voice that it was a delightful interview) to present me the company for which I would work (Teamlog is a service provider), their goals, their state of mind (the founders are all former Sun workers). She also tested my English speaking for five to seven minutes, and I think I was good enough because she wrote it in the email she sent me back after :)
It seems very interesting ; they deal with European mobile operators and telecommunications, to provide a common web portal for travelers, and want to hire a Ruby/Ruby on Rails/Perl/Python (w00t !) teammate very quickly. The job is based in Grenoble, a nice (but expensive) place.
I sent few minutes ago my resume, converted to Teamlog’s format, and two recent pictures. I’ll soon know much about it (salary, …), and I try not to lure myself.

It’s kind of weird to have been recommended twice recently :-)
Anyway, “wait and see”, and thanks a lot fredix !

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