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Stats for September 7-13 and 12-18

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This site is hosted on the Free homepages server, on which I’ve had an account for years. Though I’m considering moving to a more professional hosting plan, I’m still glad to use it.

I use the Google Analytics service to keep an eye on statistics and trafic analysis.

From September 7th to 13th :

  • Map : most of the visitors are European, others are from Northern and Central America
  • Countries : okay, a bit more than half of the visitors are French… but that’s normal no ? :)
  • Languages : weird, some French have set their accepting-language to EN/US, but it comforts me in my choice to write it in English
  • Operating systems : Windows is the most used (maybe because most of the visitors come from work), but real operating systems are well represented here
  • Browsers : w00t ! w00t ! Firefox wins !
  • Resolutions : just to know if you have big screens^W displays or not

And now, from September 12th to 18th :

  • Map : more Europeans, more US people, still someone in Mexico and a new visitor from Philippines
  • Countries : lesser French (hardly half of the readers), more German, everybody’s welcome
  • Languages : lesser French, more US, more European
  • Operating systems : Linux makes the better progress, but there are still too much Windows
  • Browsers : lesser Firefox users, but still far ahead
  • Resolutions : you still have big displays
  • Number of visit / hit : there are some people reading this blog, thanks :)

And I’d like to thank all of those who told me they liked my blog, its tone, my way of writing how desperate I am, working with WinDEV.

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