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One month to go

Filed under: work — Zifro October 2, 2006 @ 1:18 pm

As usual, here is my Monday post.

Last Friday was fun A quarter before noon, I went to the boss office, to ask him for an arrangement so that I could go to my night courses during the week. It would have consisted of starting working half an hour earlier an afternoon a week, to leave half an hour earlier the same day.
He told me to close the door, because we had things to talk about.

So we talked about the same things my project manager already let me know : I don’t involve much in the different projects, I would have failed on the first one if they hadn’t helped me, and so on.
My replies were the same : I didn’t know WinDEV was such an horrible language and IDE, I’m still looking for technical documentation, that 70-80% of software lifetime is maintenance - so it’s better to design things correctly to be sure to modify them later.
And his conclusion was : we’re a small company, we don’t have time to work like we should, he wants me at 300% [so I should do three times more hours ?], to, finally, drop his last “let’s see each others in a month”.

Let’s see in a month…

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