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Friday post.

Filed under: work, friends, misc — Zifro September 22, 2006 @ 10:30 am

As usual, it’s a pleasure to wake up on Friday, knowing I’ll recover all the lack of sleep the day after. Okay, it becomes a pleasure only after spending a Willpower skill point to achieve the action :)

Anyway, I’m sitting down here , wondering if I’ll manage to debug the copy/paste work I was told to do (yes, it’s one of this company “best pratices” : if it already exists somewhere and it’s not reusable because it’s not a library or a class, copy paste it then !). The biggest fun of it was when I noticed the code I had to merge from two windows (yes, former developers put code into windows) use global procedures for the first and local ones for the other, which had the same names :)
[EDIT : as I keep on working while I write this (or the reverse), I found the bug]
Best of all, I let my project manager know I’m in trouble with the old code, and he said “weird… you just had to copy paste it”. How useful.

He had told me this job would be a good experience, that I’ll learn to solve problems like anywhere else… oh true… sadly true.

If I need some more sleep, it’s partly because I went out Thursday night, to meet a former colleague, who worked with me for more than a year when I was a techie, installing hardware and configuring software in our shops, Europe-wide.
He now lives in Saint Barthélémy, doing quite the same job, for local prestigious hostels and companies, earning more money (but life’s more expensive over there). As we talked about my current company, we agreed that it didn’t fit us both : too little will to evolve and we wanted (and I want) more.

Two girls and a guy from the accounting dept. came as well, the tapas, the sangria and the beer ; it was really nice, and we’re considering organizing new events (a girl offered to go to the paintball).

As my favourite Friday evening party is going to Nîmes‘ car meeting and drag races, I thought I’d enjoy it today. Too bad the weather’s not suitable. This week-end is about to be uneventful.

It doesn’t matter, I have much work to achieve :)

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