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% tar xzvvf src.tar.gz -C /

Filed under: *BSD — Zifro September 7, 2006 @ 1:31 pm

Not only I had a weird week-end, but I also crashed my OpenBSD box.

I had about ten computers at home for a while, but living in a 310 squared feets flat, I had to get rid of some (even if most of them were Pentiums II, and I *love* Pentiums II).
Now I have one box, with a cute three screens display, running OpenBSD, which I work on daily, a silent PII box waiting for an OS to be my dedicated test server, an old Power MacIntosh 4400/160, waiting for better days to recover from its NetBSD experience, and I brought home three PIIIs my company was about to throw away.
So, it’s like if I had only one computer.

On Sunday, 2am, I wanted to extract the source to patch my operating system ; I mistook and ran the following command :

% tar xzvvf src.tar.gz -C /

which extracted the sources from the root directory, replacing /bin/ls (for example) by its source directory /bin/ls/. The computer was still running, but I knew it wouldn’t boot. I went to bed, wondering how to quickly make my system usable.

I installed the latest release the day after, experienced a funny problem with xorg (my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file was replaced by a snippet of a game C sources), to finally go back to the version I ran.

I spent the whole Sunday compiling Java (to run Eclipse) and KDE SDK (to get Umbrello).

It wasn’t a good week-end at all :-\

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